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November 10, 2008


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100 Million. That is the number of plastic water bottles Americans sends to landfills every day. If lined up end to end, it would reach from New Jersey to China, and back – almost 15,000 miles of bottles a day! In an effort to help end this staggering amount of waste, four women in Chatham, NJ, launched Back2Tap, a fundraising initiative which offers stainless steel reusable bottles with custom logos for school fundraising and corporate sustainability. Sales of the bottles in schools help schools raise money while offering a solution to the mountain of plastic bottles found in the trash.  Corporations can use bottles as a sustainability enhancing employee gift.


“As parents we saw countless plastic water bottles overflowing from garbage cans at parks and fields across town,” stated Mary Lonergan, one of the founders of Back2Tap. “After learning that only 23% of all disposable plastic water bottles are recycled we knew recycling was good, but not enough.”


Back2Tap bottles are available in a 12 ounce lunch box size, an 18 ounce everyday use size and a 27 ounce sports size with either a loop or sports cap. According to Lydia Chambers, another founder, stainless steel bottles were selected because they have the lowest long term impact on the planet, are the safest health-wise, and have the best performance features.

Back2Tap has already been a successful fundraiser in all of the Chatham area schools. Ellen Blazoski and Ann Whitman, two other founders, were also galvanized to take action.  “We have reached out to over 4,000 different schools throughout the country,” commented Mrs. Whitman. “We are excited to bring this idea to everyone interested in taking the simple step of switching from disposable to reusable bottles.  It really is an easy way to help the environment.”

Back2Tap has partnered with both Spectrum Water Coolers for water filtration at school or at the office (bottle-less filtered water coolers) and PUR for at-home filtration products (faucet mount filters, pitchers and refrigerator filters).  Schools can use the money raised from the Back2Tap program to help fund the bottle-less water coolers at their school.  As a way to complete the total water solution, Back2Tap is giving 5% of their profits to Central Asia Institute to provide education and clean water to developing countries.

For more information on how you can get your school, community, or work place “Back2Tap”, visit their website at or call 866-B2T-3453.