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Back2Tap is excited to announce our partnership with Green Benefits. Green Benefits has been providing custom water bottles and green fundraising programs to schools across the country since 2007.  This partnership will enable Back2Tap to offer an expanded line of products that fit within our mission of educating groups about the world water crisis and reducing the dependency on disposable plastic products.  Check back soon to see our new shopping cart which will offer a great selection of custom water bottle, reusable bags, recycled apparel and much more.  Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to making a difference in communities across the country.  Together we can make a difference!

How about kicking off a Back2Tap campaign for your school’s Earth Day celebration on April 22?  This movement against the ridiculous wastefulness of bottled water, is gaining momentum in schools across the country.  Once students are made aware of the problem, it is easy for them to take action by drinking tap water from a reusable bottle and making their own drinks using concentrated drink mixes with tap water.  These very simple steps toward sustainability are easy for students to comprehend and feel good about. 


Back2Tap offers free downloadable educational resources, including a fun 9 minute video about the wastefulness of bottled water and everything you need to know about tap water, suitable for ages K-8, but guaranteed to be enlightening to high school students and adults, too. Classroom activities include making a bottle tower out of discarded disposable plastic water bottles, conducting a drinking container survey, collecting and categorizing waste for a day, and more.  These resources will raise students’ environmental awareness and their understanding of sustainability and are well suited for either an Earth Day assembly or for classroom activities.


The educational program can be followed up by our green fundraising campaign.  Back2Tap partners with a representative from a PTO/PTA, Boosters, faculty, or student group to sell high quality stainless steel water bottles with custom logos to members of your school community.  Do something good for the planet and for your budget with our Back2Tap campaign!  To learn more about our program, please visit Schools & Groups page on our website or contact us with any questions.

If we had to sum up Back2Tap's company mission in a single word, it would have to be Re-Use-Solution. It fits because we're all about re-use, inciting a revolution against waste, offering solutions, and of course, resolving to do better. So, in honor of the New Year, we'd like to share our "re-use-solutions" for reducing disposable plastic in 2011: 

Custom logoed stainless steel bottles

1. Reusable bottles for drinks on the go. 

2. Reusable sandwich wraps and snack pouches for litter-less lunches.

3. Reusable grocery bags and produce bags to keep in the trunk of your car.

4. Reusable bags that are compact enough to fit into your purse or pocket for small purchases.

5. Reusable coffee mugs to take with you to the coffee shop or work.


6. Reusable cloths and rags for cleaning up the kitchen and the rest of the house.

7. Reusable cloth napkins with napkin rings for each member of your household.

8. Reusable containers for bringing food home from restaurants and to parties.

Reusable snack pouches

There is a vast array of reusable products that can help make disposable plastic a thing of the past in your home. Please share your Re-Use-Solutions with us by leaving a comment!

This morning I found a bottled water cost calculator on the New American Dream website. It enables you to calculate how much money you waste buying bottled water in a year. It's very simple to use. First, you input the number of 16oz bottles of water you drink in a year, then the price of your tap water per gallon, and finally your average bottled water cost.  If you don't know your tap water cost, it's safe to assume it's around $0.002/gallon.

The results are startling!  If you drink one bottle of water per day and pay $1.50 for it each time, you are spending an extra $550 on water!  Even if you buy your bottled water very cheaply most of the time, you will still be wasting over $150 each year. The $10-15 investment in a high quality stainless water bottle seems like a bargain by comparison! 

On top of the cost savings you will achieve by using a refillable bottle, there are obvious environmental benefits as well.  The calculator also estimates the impact of your bottled water habit on the planet.  For the one-bottle-a-day person, an extra 114 gallons of water, 37 megajoules of energy, and 9 gallons of oil will be wasted as well as 68 pounds of CO2 generated.

If you'd like to reduce your impact and fatten your wallet, check out Back2Tap for your best value in high quality stainless steel water bottles.

Aren’t you tired of being asked to buy wrapping paper, candy, popcorn, cookie dough, or magnets at your children’s schools? The offerings are often way overpriced, useless, or just plain bad tasting. Last fall, when I was trying to figure out what sort of environmental project to do at my son’s school, the PTO president complained to me about the girl scouts drinking bottled water at their meetings and how great it would be if they would use reusable bottles. It was like a lightening strike in my mind. YES! That is exactly what we need – reusable school water bottles for everyone!

We convinced the PTO to sell custom stainless steel water bottles school-wide and make it a green fundraiser. Before it was all said and done, it was a town-wide school fundraiser, involving seven schools – the first one of its kind in town. We decided to price the bottles close to retail prices to keep them affordable and still generate some profit for the school. We ended up selling 1500 bottles to a school population of 3500 students and raising over $8000! This was truly something novel: we sold something useful and earth-friendly while raising money for the school. A win – win – win!

After hearing that the Interfaith Food Pantry of Morris County wants to go green, Back2Tap decided to help out.  We donated reusable stainless steel water bottles and reusable cotton shopping bags.

According to Rosemary Gilmartin, Executive Director of the local pantry, “We go through thousands of paper and plastic bags every year and realize that using reusable bags is a better option from both a cost and environmental perspective. We have over 5,000 families coming to the pantry and we would like to be able to offer each family three bags”. 

Rosemary first got started with her reusable bag program by working with Susie Schub, founder and president of Jumpstart, a unique charitable giving program for schools and corporations, that recently held a canvas bag design contest.

Being green not only helps the environment but also allows places like the food pantry to better use their funds for food instead disposable plastic.

For more information on the Morris County Food Pantry, visit their site at www.mcifp.org or call 973-538-8049.

Most people probably don’t think about where their bottled water comes from, but if they knew they might not feel so good about it.  The two main sources – municipal supplies and springs are both problematic.

About 40% of bottled water is simply filtered tap water. That begs the questions: why pay so much for it and why drag huge cases of it home from the store when the same thing is readily available from your faucet?  It is much cheaper and more convenient to drink your own tap water even if you filter it.

While buying tap water in bottles may strike you as costly and inefficient, buying spring water may make you feel downright inconsiderate.  Picture huge tanker trucks rumbling through small towns 24-7 to keep bottling plants fed with spring water.  How about local residents finding lower water levels in their lakes, streams, or wells due to this over-pumping?  There is also an impact to local ecosystems when huge quantities of water are removed entirely from a watershed.

In light of these unappealing choices, a third option, filling reusable bottles with tap water looks like the easy and cost-effective solution to the bottled water enigma.

If you want to learn more about the problems with bottled water and about how to choose a reusable bottle, visit our Resources.