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Do many of your employees drink water from disposable plastic bottles or disposable cups? Are you frequently replacing the plastic water bottles on your coolers? Are you concerned about the amount of money you’re spending and the unnecessary waste you’re creating? Then it’s time for your organization to get Back2Tap!  Read on for more information.

The Back2Tap Solution:

Provide your employees with high quality stainless steel water bottles customized with your corporate logo.  Make sure they have access to clean chilled tap water by installing bottle-less water coolers with filtration, if necessary. The reusable bottles can be used as:

  • an eco-friendly, employee incentive to reduce the use of disposable cups and the consumption of bottled water at the office,
  • conferences gifts to show customers your commitment to the environment, and
  • corporate gifts or to celebrate corporate milestones.

Don't get fooled into purchasing chintzy bottles sold by promotion companies.  Get the highest quality, best performing water bottles that you can afford within your budget. To find out more about how reusable bottles compare, read our section on reusable bottle options. Sustainability Program

Why encourage your company to go Back2Tap?

  • Cost-savings: reduced expenditures for bottled water and disposable cups.
  • Waste-reduction: less trash and recycling to haul; reduced carbon footprint; and lower energy, water, and oil consumption.
  • Brand Enhancement: Achieve corporate environmental goals in your corporate mission statement.
  • Attract new employees and clients who increasingly expect corporate environmental stewardship.
  • Encourage employees to live and work more sustainably.
  • Health Benefits: use of stainless steel bottles and water filtered at the point-of-use will promote health for employees. Good hydration helps to reduce fatigue and increases concentration and productivity in the workplace.

We can help you get your company Back2Tap by:

  • Educating your employees and clients about the environmental impact of bottled water and other disposable drink containers. You can download educational materials and a bottled water pledge for circulation at your office, hopefully, via email to save paper.
  • Providing reusable stainless steel water bottles to your employees and clients with your company logo.
  • Offering bottle-less water coolers that filter and chill water given your specific needs.
  • Providing environmental impact and cost reduction estimates to quantify these corporate improvements.