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Do you want to help your organization get Back2Tap? You can have your groups custom logo printed on a high quality stainless steel bottle to encourage your members to use reusable bottles and make the switch away from disposable bottles. Please contact us via email at or phone 1-866-B2T-3453 for more details on costs, order minimums and lead times.

Why Back2Tap?

  • We offer eco-friendly, high quality green products that is not readily available in stores!
  • Our bottle is made of food-grade stainless steel and offered at a competitive price.
  • Back2Tap donates 5% of its profits to water charities and gives back between 20-30% of sales revenue to its fundraising partners: schools and other non-profit organizations.
  • Back2Tap is a company dedicated to education and cost-effective solutions, "tapping" into a world-wide movement, one community at a time!

green water bottles

Back2Tap stainless steel bottles perform:

  • Food grade stainless steel is non-reactive so no lining is necessary.
  • No harmful chemicals leach into your drink.
  • Wide opening makes inserting ice, cleaning, and air drying easier.
  • Fits into cup and bike holders.
  • High quality caps will not leak.
  • Drinks taste fresh in metal bottles - no residual odors and no metallic taste.
  • Drinks stay cooler for longer.
  • Bottles are lightweight and cool looking.
  • Durable product that won't wear out.
  • 100% recyclable after many, many years of use.

Now Available Back2Sack

  • For order information please call: 1-866-B2T-3453.

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