At School

You can reduce your school’s waste and encourage healthful habits by offering students access to filtered tap water instead of bottled water or standard water fountains.

Bottle-less (point-of-use) water coolers:

  • Provide a ready supply of fresh tasting chilled filtered tap water that is appealing to the students and faculty.
  • Enable the students to easily refill their reusable water bottles throughout the day.
  • Relieve parent’s worries about dirty water fountains and the possibility of lead in drinking water.
  • Reduce waste by reducing the number of individual disposable plastic water bottles being put in the trash and recycling bins.

Health benefits of bottle-less water coolers:

Three stage filtration removes disinfection by-products (chlorine taste), lead, organisms and many other undesirable constituents. Water is purer and tastes better.  Many students equate water fountains with filth and indeed many fountains are not kept clean and do spread germs. Offering students good tasting chilled filtered tap water from a water cooler will encourage them to drink more water. Good hydration helps reduce tiredness and irritability and increases concentration. It will also help combat childhood obesity.

Bottle-less water coolers compared to bottled water

Point-of-use coolers are significantly cheaper to operate than bottled water coolers. Bottle-less coolers are healthier because their tanks are made of non-leaching stainless steel rather than poly carbonate plastic which has recently been shown to leach BPA, a hormone disruptor. Bacterial growth in the point-of-use system can be inhibited if necessary by use of UV technology, whereas bottled water is disinfected at the bottling plant and then transported long distances at room temperature which allows the opportunity for bacteria to grow.

Alternative filtration options (without cooling):

Fountain with bottle filler

Under sink filter

Faucet-mounted filter

For a total drinking water solution for your school, please contact us for information.  We will help you maximize your cost savings, waste reduction and sustainability improvements.