In Your Home

All of these point-of-use filtration options are significantly cheaper than having bottled water jugs delivered to your home or purchasing any other sized bottles of water. It is important to change the filters as directed, but it is still cheaper than bottled water. You can promote a healthy lifestyle, reduce your family’s plastic waste, and save money by filtering your tap water at home instead of purchasing bottled water. We will help you maximize your cost savings, waste reduction and healthfulness.

To learn more about tap water quality visit our resource page on tap water. To learn more about water filtration options, check out our links to various water filtration guides. For a total drinking water solution for your home, please contact us for information.

There are many ways to filter water at home:

  • Fill a jug with tap water and let it sit overnight in the fridge. The disinfection by-products will diffuse from the water.  If you had a chlorine taste, it will be gone, and the chilled “filtered”tap water will taste great. In most communities that is all that is needed – and it is FREE!


  • Run tap water through a filter pitcher
  • Mount a 3-stage filter to your faucet

  • Use a refrigerator filtration system



  • Install a filtration system under your sink or
    on your countertop to provide filtered tap
    water on demand.



  • Install a whole house filtration system