School Fundraiser
School Fundraiser

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People Profit Planet
Back2Tap fundraising is unique because there is an educational component that fosters responsible stewardship of the planet and introduces the concept of sustainability.

This web site also has valuable information about water bottles, tap water, and filtration.

5% of our profits go to CAI to help fund clean healthy water in developing countries

Your organization earns 20 - 30% on the sale of stainless steel bottles.

Families save money by reducing their purchases of disposable plastic water bottles.

Back2Tap bottles pay for themselves in a short time depending on usage.
100 million disposable plastic bottles end up in landfills everyday. Using stainless steel bottles is a simple way to make a BIG difference!

Make Back2Tap part of your family's efforts to become more environmentally proactive.

Join the Back2Tap movement!

School Fundraisers

Informed consumers make informed decisions.

Back2Tap sells stainless steel bottles in 12, 18 and 27 ounce sizes with two cap styles (loop and sport). They are eco-friendly, high quality and customized with your logo.