Bottle-less Water Coolers

Bottle-less Water Coolers at School (Find out about home water filtration)

Bottle-less Water Coolers

Do you worry about the cleanliness of drinking water fountains? Would your child prefer drinking chilled filtered tap water that tastes fresh? Are you concerned about the possibility of lead in water coming from old pipes? Then it’s time for your school to consider installing bottle-less water coolers!

Bottle-less (point-of-use) water coolers:

  • Provide a ready supply of fresh tasting chilled filtered tap water that is appealing to the students and faculty
  • Reduce the use of bottled water
  • Enable the students to easily refill their reusable water bottles throughout the day
  • Relieve parents worries about dirty water fountains and the possibility of lead in drinking water

Good hydration helps reduce tiredness and irritability and increases concentration.  Many students equate water fountains with filth and indeed many fountains are not kept clean.  Offering students good tasting chilled filtered tap water from a water cooler is a cost-effective way to encourage them to drink more and be more productive in school.   It will also help combat childhood obesity.

Bottle-less water coolers compared to bottled water

Point-of-use coolers are significantly cheaper to operate than bottled water coolers.  Bottle-less coolers are healthier because their tanks are made of non-leaching stainless steel rather than poly carbonate plastic which has recently been shown to leach BPA, a hormone disruptor.  Bacterial growth in the point-of-use system is inhibited by use of UV technology, whereas bottled water is disinfected at the bottling plant and then transported long distances at room temperature which allows the opportunity for bacteria to grow.

Why Spectrum Water Coolers, Inc?

There are numerous water cooler vendors on the market today. Back2Tap has chosen to partner with Spectrum Water Coolers, a company that has nearly 20 years of success selling and installing high quality point-of-use water coolers. Spectrum sells coolers in all 50 states and 9 cities in Canada. Our partnership enables Spectrum to offer you coolers at the lowest discounted group prices.

The water professionals at Spectrum would be happy to assist you with selecting a cooler that meets your school’s needs: in the cafeteria, in the faculty room or front office, by the gymnasium, or in a hallway. Spectrum is the leading vendor of high demand water coolers that best fit the needs of a school cafeteria.

How do I find out more about Spectrum Water Coolers?

Go to the Spectrum Water Coolers web site at or call Spectrum Water Coolers at 301-362-9000 for more information.