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litter less products Litter-less, Waste-less, Waste-free, Litter-free, these are all phrases we are hearing more and more at schools, groups and businesses across the country as people start to realize the importance of reducing the use of disposable plastic everywhere.

Be part of the Re-Use-Solution with Back2Tap and our Litter-less Lunch program.


Why is reducing disposable plastic important?
reduce disposal plastic
  • Gigantic plastic garbage patches in our seas: There are huge patches of disposable plastic estimated to be twice as large as the state of Texas swirling around in our seas destroying eco-systems and entering our food chain.
  • Plastic is a major pollutant: Toxic chemicals are produced in the manufacture of plastic, and toxic chemicals can also leach from plastic during its use and after its disposal. It is virtually non-biodegradable so nearly every plastic item ever made is still here.
  • Most plastic is made from petroleum: Petroleum is a finite, costly natural resource that should not be wasted unnecessarily.



How much disposable plastic waste is there?
litter-less lunch products
  • Over 60 billion disposable plastic water bottles were sold in the US in 2007 – that’s over 160 million bottles EVERY week (enough if lined end to end to reach from NJ to China and back, almost 15,000 miles of bottles)!
  • About 20 million baggies are thrown away by US school children every week.
  • It takes 3 bottles of water and 4 oz of petroleum to make and ship 1 disposable plastic bottle of water.


What can you do? Be part of the Re-Use-Solution with Back2Tap!
  • Litter-less lunch products: Custom reusable bottles, reusable sandwich wraps and snack pouches.
  • Educate your community: Free online educational tools on our site.
  • Spread the word: Once you’re school is litter-less, let others know how you made it happen.


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