Litter-less Solutions

Make your day waste free, wherever you are!

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At School: Make your lunchroom litter-free!

  • Raise Money by running a custom bottle or litter-less lunch fundraiser.
  • Measure your trash by counting your plastic bottles and baggies then set goals to improve.
  • Spread the word with flyers, displays and by showing our video.

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At Work: Meet your corporate sustainability goals.

  • Provide high quality, custom stainless steel bottles to your employees and customers.
  • Provide bottle-less water coolers for easy refills.
  • At meetings, fill pitchers with filtered tap water.

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On the Field: Don’t leave your plastic waste behind for others to clean up!

  • Run a team fundraiser with custom logo bottles for a fun way to encourage reusable bottles.
  • Bring coolers to refill.
  • Get your town to upgrade outdoor water fountains.

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In the Gym: Be healthy, all around.

  • Drink filtered tap water from stainless steel bottles, the healthiest option available.
  • Encourage your gym to provide a bottle-less water cooler for easy, healthy refills.

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For Your Church or Charity: Be a good steward of the earth while raising money for your cause.

  • Educate your group with our free online educational tools.
  • Run a custom bottle fundraiser.
  • Make your events bottle-free.

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At Your Store: Drive sales with a cool, new stainless steel bottle.

  • Offer our high quality steel bottles available in 3 sizes.
  • Put your town or local team names on the bottles to show your support.

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