FAQ – Product Quality




Why should I buy a Back2Tap bottle?  How long will it last?

Back2Tap bottles are top quality water bottles that won’t leak. They are made out of 18/8 type 304 stainless steel so they are BPA free and there is no leaching of any chemicals into your drink. Also, the Back2Tap bottles are 0.5mm thick -thicker than most bottles available. They won’t easily dent even though they are lightweight (only about 6 oz. per bottle). You should be able to enjoy your Back2Tap bottles for many years. Also, buying a Back2Tap bottle will help others – 5% of our profits are donated to schools in need of clean water. If your cap wears out or gets lost, you can buy a replacement cap.

I’m starting to see a lot of stainless steel bottles for sale. How are the Back2Tap bottles different from some of the other stainless steel bottles I’ve seen?

Back2Tap bottles are top quality water bottles that are thicker than most of our competitor’s bottles. We also conduct extensive product testing, and we print our bottles in the US which allows us to ensure paint safety and offer smaller print runs for custom bottles.

What size bottle should I buy?

We offer three different sizes to meet different needs. The 12oz small water bottle is ideal for your purse or as a child’s lunchbox bottle. The 18oz size is a perfect travel water bottle and every day use bottle. Finally, the larger 27oz size is a great sports bottle (or even a pet water bottle for providing fresh water for your dog when you’re on the go).

Are the Back2Tap bottles and caps safe?

Yes. Back2Tap ensures the safety of its bottle and cap by working closely with the manufacturer and employing a quality control representative. Back2Tap periodically submits samples to the world’s leading independent testing company, SGS, to confirm that the bottles and caps meet all applicable health and safety standards.

Why stainless steel? Is it really better for the environment? Is it recyclable?

Stainless steel is a safe food container material that is BPA free. It won’t leach anything into your drink, and it is non-reactive so no lining is necessary. Stainless steel is also stylish and lightweight and keeps beverages cool and fresh tasting throughout the day. As long as your stainless steel bottle replaces 50 disposable plastic bottles, the environment is better off. And yes, it is fully recyclable after many years of use!

Where are the Back2Tap bottles made?

China. After considerable searching, we were unable to find a manufacturer in the US that could manufacturer the bottles affordably. We conduct extensive tests on the bottles and caps to ensure a high level of product quality and safety.

What if I don’t like the bottle, can I return it?

Non-customized bottles and caps may be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or store credit. Merchandise must be un-used and in perfect condition. Please visit our Customer Care page.