FAQ – Product Use/Care




Will the Back2Tap bottle fit in my purse or child’s lunchbox?

Yes, the Back2Tap bottles make great lunchbox bottles, travel bottles and purse bottles, especially the 12oz small water bottle size. Also, because it is a top quality water bottle, it won’t leak into your purse or child’s lunchbox.

Does the Back2Tap bottle fit in a car and bike bottle holder?

Yes. The diameter of the bottle is about 2 ¾ inches and the circumference is about 9 inches – a perfect size for most cup and bottle holders.

Are the caps interchangeable?

Yes, either cap style fits on all size bottles.

Can I put hot liquids in the Back2Tap bottle?

No, Back2Tap bottles are single-walled and are not meant for hot liquids.

Can I freeze the Back2Tap bottle?

No, the expansion of the water during the formation of ice may damage your bottle.

Does the Back2Tap bottle have a filter?


Can I put the Back2Tap bottle in the dishwasher? How about the cap?

Yes, the Back2Tap bottle is a dishwasher safe bottle although we recommend hand washing with a bottle brush and a mild dish detergent to help keep the logos looking bright. Caps should be hand washed.