Why Back2Tap Bottles?




Back2Tap’s mission is to reduce the waste generated from the production and distribution of disposable plastic bottles. We sell a customized, high-quality stainless steel bottle for green fundraising or green initiatives. Our educational resources (including a 9-minute video) can be used to raise awareness among adults and students about where tap water comes from, the life cycle of a disposable plastic bottle and sustainability.

Back2Tap                                                                                  Other Steel Bottle Suppliers

Back2Tap’s bottle is designed specifically with children in mind.  Thicker stainless steel (0.5mm) is used to minimize dents. To be truly eco-friendly, stainless steel bottles must be used over a period of time. A lesser standard of durability would not achieve this important goal. Most other bottles are sold by promotional products companies that use a less expensive, thinner stainless steel (0.4mm).
Back2Tap bottles are available in 12-ounce size for lunch boxes, 18-ounce size for everyday use, and 27-ounce size for sports. Competitor size offerings vary; most do not offer the smaller lunchbox size.
We offer two caps styles (loop and sport); caps are interchangeable between sizes. Caps may not be interchangeable between sizes, and sports caps are not commonly available.
When properly closed, our caps do not leak, even when shaken upside down.  This is an important feature for protection of items in lunchboxes and backpacks. Many competitors’ bottles leak from the cap when shaken.
Back2Tap bottles have a wide neck opening to accommodate ice cubes to keep drinks cold and act as an ice pack in lunch bags. The lip of the opening is rounded and smooth. Most bottle necks are narrower.The quality of the finishing varies so the lip may not be smooth.  
Back2Tap bottles are food-grade stainless steel, dishwasher safe and do not need an enamel/ceramic liner. Aluminum is not dishwasher safe and the liner can crack causing the beverage to come in contact with aluminum; BPA-free plastic is fairly new.
Back2Tap will assist with the development of a logo free of charge. Few competitors offer this service.
Our logos are skillfully printed in the USA with safe and durable paints. Low quality paints and printing produce logos and coatings that fade quickly and peel off.
Bottled water consumption has skyrocketed over the last 15 years with tremendous environmental consequences. Back2Tap believes education is at the heart of changing this behavior. We offer a 9-minute educational video for the classroom or on-line viewing at home with the family. We also offer additional teacher resources to reinforce the Back2Tap message with students. Competitors do not offer educational resources.
Back2Tap is a certified women-owned and operated company. Few companies can legitimately make this claim.
Back2Tap goes to great lengths to ensure the quality of our bottles by inspecting and testing them throughout the supply chain. Quality varies widely based on price.
Back2Tap believes that giving back to the community (be it local or global) is an important value to teach children.  We partner with Central Asia Institute (founded by Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea) and donate 5% of our profits to help provide clean water to schools in need. Only a few of our competitors have a non-profit partner.