PUR Water Filters
PUR Water Filters

PūR Water Filtration System® At Home

Do you want to drink tap water but don’t like the taste? Can you taste the chlorine? Are you concerned about your old lead pipes leaching into your tap water? Then order your PūR Water Filtration System® now so you can be sure every drop of water you enjoy is healthy and delicious!

Tap water is easy and inexpensive to filter at home!
For more information, go to www.nsf.org/consumer/drinking_water

Back2Tap offers many PūR home filtering products that are all NSF certified:

PUR Water Pitcher PUR Filters PUR Water Filters Refrigerator Filters

With a PūR filter, you can:

  • Reduce Waste: a PūR Faucet Filter provides about 400 gallons of filtered tap water per year – that’s about 3,200 16-oz plastic bottles
  • Have Great Tasting, Healthy Water: PūR filters reduce contaminants such as lead and chlorine from your tap water, giving your family healthy, refreshing water
  • Get a Filter Option to Fit your Lifestyle: faucet-mount, pitchers and refrigerator filters plus new PūR Flavor Options™ (filtered tap water with fruit flavors) available
  • Save Money: On average, PūR filtered water is about 1/10 the cost of bottled water, saving you about $600 per year
  • Help Others: Buy PūR and a donation will be made by PūR to the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program