Disposable Plastic Bags

500 Billion. This is the number of plastic bags that are consumed worldwide each year. Less than 1% of these bags are recycled, and it costs more to recycle a bag than to produce a new one. Plastic bags account for 10% of the debris washed up on the U.S. coastline.

Join the Back2Sack movement to reduce the waste generated by the production and distribution of disposable plastic bags. Recycling is good, but not enough. Switch from disposable plastic bags to reusable and durable, fair-trade organic cotton shopping bags for everyday use.

Why Use Organic Cotton?

  • Three percent of the world’s farmable land produced over 50 billion pounds of cotton in 2007.
  • Twenty-five percent of all insecticides manufactured are applied to the cotton crop.
  • One third of a pound of toxic chemicals are used to produce one pound of cotton fiber.
  • By purchasing organic cotton you save our land and water from being polluted by thousands of pounds of toxic chemicals.

Why Is Fair-Trade Important?

  • Child labor is non-existent in fair-trade practices.
  • The farmers become partners in their own growing business, and all workers are paid a fair wage.
  • Men and women are paid equally.
  • Fair-trade organizations support community projects related to health, education and economic development.
  • Fair-trade cotton sells for about 70% more than conventional cotton.
  • Fair-trade cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides.

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