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The ABCs of Bottle Free Schools

Eliminating bottled water from your school will reduce clean up time after events, simplify waste collection for janitors, save money for parents, model a sustainable lifestyle for students, as well as reap significant environmental benefits for everyone.

How do you establish a bottle free school? Here are the steps we recommend to eliminate bottled water from student lunches, classroom parties and other school sponsored events:

Access to tap water: provide access to drinking water throughout the school by maintaining water fountains and cleaning them daily. Better yet, upgrade to bottle-less water coolers in the cafeteria and in hallways and install a water filter on the tap in the teachers’ lounge. Offering chilled filtered tap water will allay concerns about the spreading of germs at the water fountains while improving the taste of tap water and water quality. Please contact us for more information about bottle-less water coolers and filtration systems. Click here for water filtration information.

Bottles that are reusable: request that students, teachers, parents, and other visitors to the school bring their own reusable bottles or mugs to school each day and to all special events. Consider holding a reusable bottle fundraiser or simply issuing school water bottles to every student. Custom water bottles with the school logo are a big hit with students. Please contact us for pricing on custom stainless steel water bottles.

custom logoed stainless steel bottles

Containers to serve beverages: pitchers filled from the faucet or from water coolers can be used to serve tap water to students in their classrooms. Large portable coolers filled with the help of a pitcher can be used to dispense tap water at large gatherings. For those who forget their reusable bottles, it is important to have some biodegradable disposable cups on hand and a recycling bin to collect them. Please contact us for pricing on pitchers and coolers.water dispenser 


All in all, becoming a bottle free school is not as daunting as it sounds. Putting the ABCs in place is easier and cheaper than you’d expect. The key to getting cooperation from the entire community will be establishing and communicating a school-wide bottled water policy and letting everyone know you’ve got the ABCs covered.

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