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Over 1 million bottles. That is the number of disposable plastic bottles of water a college of just 5,000 students uses each year if each student drinks just one bottle of water a day….and sadly, almost all of them end up in a landfill. It’s time for a change – and you can make it happen! Join Back2Tap in the effort to reduce the use of disposable plastic at campuses across the country. Contact us at for assistance with your campus campaign!

Back2Tap Action Plan Summary:

       1. Get the Facts:

           a. Find out how much bottled water is sold each year at your school, look into tap water quality, and evaluate access to healthy tap water.

           b. Bottled Water Waste: check out the section of our website for the facts about the waste of water, oil and CO2 associated with bottled water

           c. View our video on the Life Cycle of a Plastic Water bottle.

      2. Spread the Word: run an event or just set up a table with a “Tap vs. Bottled Water Taste Test”, displays of plastic bottle waste, and educational flyers. Hold a screening of documentaries like “Tapped” or “FLOW”, and show our video. We’ll help create the flyers for you!

      3. Make the Move to Tap Water:

           a. Install/Upgrade Water Fountains: improve access to clean, healthy tap water across campus; retrofit to allow refilling of reusable bottles, install water filling stations in dining halls and around campus, and promote bottle-free events.

           b. Reusable Bottles: offer reusable bottles with your school logo; sell bottles as a fundraiser or look for funding from the college to offer as a green incentive for students.


Check out the Food & Water Watch Take Back the Tap College Campaigns at for a comprehensive guide to doing away with bottled water on your campus! Together, we can make a difference, one campus at a time!