Schools & Groups

Getting Started Guide

Thank you for your interest in coordinating a Back2Tap Campaign! We would be delighted to help you to raise money for your organization and to make a positive impact on the environment.

Follow the steps below to run a successful fundraising campaign:

Step 1 – Determine the reusable products you want to offer

In addition to bottles, you might want to consider selling other reusable everyday items such as sandwich wraps, snack pouches, cloth napkins, bags, or other products.  

Step 2 – Locate your logo art work

You'll need to e-mail your logo or other art for your bottles to your bottle supplier.  The vector artwork should be in .ai, .eps, or .pdf format or as a high resolution .jpg file.  A file with the original artwork is better than a copy. 

Step 3 – Establish fundraising timeframe

Decide on the exact dates for your fundraiser.  Plan on a minimum of two weeks to organize publicity, followed by three to four weeks for sales. 

Step 4 – Determine the sales price of each product

You have the flexibility to set your sales prices based on what would work best for your community.  They should also be included on publicity materials including flyers and/or order forms. 

Step 5– Distribute fundraising flyer/order form and other publicity

Distribute the fundraising flyer/order form to each member of your community. Sending the flyer by e-mail is the most eco-friendly method. If you use hard copies, be sure to print double-sided to reduce the amount of paper. We recommend that you also attach a copy of the flyer to your organization’s on-line newsletter or any other communication vehicle that is appropriate.

Also consider the following publicity ideas -submit an article to your local newspaper, place frequent small blurbs in your newsletter to inform supporters about the fundraiser, show the Back2Tap educational video at one of your organization’s regularly scheduled meetings and/or encourage your school to show it in classrooms. Also, remember to send out a reminder of the sales deadline. 

Step 6 – Distribute and personalize bottles

As a courtesy, you may choose to personalize the bottles with names and phone numbers. We have tested many permanent markers. We recommend and sell the Dykem Brite Mark marker with the fine tip. It is a quick drying, oil-based paint pen that withstands vigorous washing with minimal fading. Errors can be removed easily with rubbing alcohol.  

Ideas to build excitement about your fundraiser

  • If you plan a fall fundraiser, take advantage of the large audience of parents at Back-to-School night.
  • Couple the fundraiser with your Earth Day celebration, field day or other special event.
  • Hold a poster contest to announce the fundraiser.
  • Hold a contest to design a logo for the bottle and/or bag.
  • Enlist the support of your school’s environmental club or science teachers.
  • Conduct an audit of the amount of your lunchroom trash. Use this benchmark as a motivator to improve your group’s efforts to move toward litter-less lunches. Be sure to publicize your results!
  • Build a display out of empty, disposable plastic water bottles representing the number of bottles of water consumed in one year by the average American – 218.